Transparent is my final exam project in application development study.

It’s a self-contained endeavor where the emphasis lies on the creation of a unique social media platform. My objective was to design a secure and inclusive space specifically tailored for the transgender community since I recieved the space of freedom from my examiners and my transgender friends being eager to have a save space.

This project stands out as an independent effort. The core functionality revolves around providing a safe and confidential environment for trans individuals to connect, converse, and access reliable information related to their transition journey—all within a unified, intuitive platform.

Transparent is not just a social hub; it serves as a vital resource center, offering a one-stop solution for individuals seeking health-related news and information pertinent to their transition. The project embodies a commitment to merging technical proficiency with a deep understanding of user needs, contributing to a more inclusive and empowering online experience for the transgender community.

The dummy website has unfortunately not been available for now (but it works and looks great ;)).