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I’m Anouk, a former 26-year-old interaction design student from the Netherlands. Art and design have always been a major part of my life. I have vivid memories of my early years, where I couldn’t stop drawing and sketching my own fantasy world. As the years went by, I honed my skills and learned to express my feelings through art, often accompanied by music that inspired me.

My passion for computers and development started during my teenage years, when I managed to pirate a computer game after my parents refused to buy it for me. From that moment, I delved into the world of computers, building websites for fun and even assembling my own PC.

Apart from my creative pursuits, I also love to travel and explore the beauty this world has to offer. My vision is to create designs that allow individuals to showcase their creativity while delivering clear and compelling content.

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Anouk Slaman

Anouk Slaman

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Currently studying:
Self improvements of Javascript

Past studies:
Games and Interaction (Interaction design) at University of the Arts (HKU),
Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Communication and Multimedia Design at HAN, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Application Development at ROC, Almere, The Netherlands.
Graphic design at ROC, Almere, The Netherlands.
Healthcare, at ROC Horizon, Hoorn, The Netherlands.

Current work: