My name is Anouk.

I’m a 22 year old development student from Almere, The Netherlands.

Art and design is an important part of my life. My first memory of being creative is when i was 4 years old, I couldn’t stop drawing and sketching my own fantasy like monsters and cartoons. In the years that went by I managed to develop my way of expressing my feelings trough art with the help of music to get more in my feelings and make images that tell a story.

My first touch with development was when I was a teenager, I remember my parents wouldn’t give me money for a computer game and I manage to pirate it save and simple. After that my interest in computers grew, build my own websites for fun and even made my own PC.

Besides all that I also love to travel and see the beautiful things this world has to offer.

My vision is to develop and design for those who want more creative but clear content and still be able to put their soul into their work.

my work .
Anouk Slaman

Anouk Slaman

Working Student

Currently studying:
Application Development at ROC of Almere, The Netherlands.
Past studies:
Healthcare, ROC Horizon in Hoorn, the Netherlands.
Graphic design at ROC of Almere, the Netherlands.
Current work:
Packer/cassier at Spar in Amsterdam